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A simple Google search can go a long way. Try typing in your target keyword and the words resources, favorite or review to find relevant articles. For example, if Im trying to get websites to link back to my article about link building, I could search for link building resources, link building app review or link building strategies. Its a good idea to search for articles published in the past year. Since theyre recent, the authors may be more inclined to update them. To search by publication date, click on Tools at the top right of the search bar after youve entered your query. Then, click on the Any time drop-down and choose Past year. Here are my results for link building resources articles from the past year.: A huge site like Moz or Backlinko likely wont respond to your request for a link unless youre already well-known or work at the CEO level. Clearly, I am neither of these things. Look for websites that you think would be open to hearing from you. From the list above, Page One Power, Your SEO Squad or Rapid Boost look like good options.
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Back to Articles. Sep 6, 2019. 9 Best Practices to Generate Backlinks to Your Website. Search Engine Optimization SEO. by Digital Marketing Institute. When it comes to developing backlinks to your brands website, it can be frustrating, as it is a process that requires patience, work and dedication. Gone are the days of simple search engine optimization SEO, where you could insert any link to your website anywhere on the web. For backlinks to be truly successful, digital marketers and copywriters must be conscious and deliberate about their backlink-generating strategy. As one of the traditional SEO techniques, backlinks provide websites with easy ways of increasing their search traffic and rankings on various search engines. However, only high-quality links are effective in generating best-in-class SEO results and increasing your website traffic. Since backlinks became a popular way of boosting a sites SEO rankings, Google has changed how they classify backlinks and how they affect SEO rankings. This means that, to build backlinks now, its important that site owners, managers and editors work hard to organically grow their backlinks over time. What Are Backlinks?
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Now that we know what a backlink is, then we can understand that a backlink for SEO is merely a backlink gained for SEO purposes. Meanwhile, a link within your website that takes readers to a different page or post on your website is called an internal link. Why you should include backlinking in your SEO strategy.
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Skip to content. Waymaker SEO Audit Consulting. No Cheap tricks, Just Data and Hard Work. SEO Audit Services. Monthly SEO Services. SEO Blog Posts. About Waymaker SEO. Our SEO Backlink Building Process. One of the most important elements for Search Engine Optimization is having stronger relevant sites linked to your website. Ideally, this would happen completely organic, but with the number of websites, social media sites, and other distractions online, backlinks may need some help. This is where a Backlink Strategy is important.
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0161 203 3190. SEO Audit Services. SEO Link Building. White Label Link Building Services. Google Analytics Analysis Setup. Google Ads Management. Display Advertising Agency. Google Shopping Management. Google Remarketing Services. Campaign Landing Pages. WordPress Web Design. Magento Web Design. Shopify Web Design. Campaign Landing Pages. Website Speed Optimisation. Conversion Rate Optimisation. Facebook Advertising Agency. Organic Social Media. Social Media Consultancy. Get a Proposal. SEO Link Building. Link building is a huge part of any off-page SEO strategy, and it continues to be an important ranking factor. Our link building services are trusted by some of the most reputable businesses across the country. let's' get started. Get a Proposal. This iframe contains the logic required to handle Ajax powered Gravity Forms. What is link building? Link building can be easy to overlook because it involves third-party websites, and it can be difficult to master. Link building strategies essentially work by obtaining links from third-party websites that link back to your own website.
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According to Impactplus, top results on Googles first SERP have 3.8 times more backlinks, which is hugely affected by how to create a backlink strategy. Google considers that backlink is a signal that another resource finds your content valuable enough to link to it within their own content. Thats why manage and find new backlinks for your website is super important when it comes to SEO.
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For example, when gov and edu websites as referring domains, your SERP position can be boosted because government and education websites are deemed highly trustworthy, credible, and authoritative sources. So, how do you get other sites to backlink to your content? 6 practical ways to build backlinks.: Dedicate time and resources. You should know right from the start that building high-quality, relevant backlinks is a long-game strategy. Allocate enough time and resources to research, strategize, plan, and execute an email outreach campaign to garner more backlinks to your site. A good backlink can collect traffic over a period of months, but investing time now will be well worth it in the long run. Study competitors and industry-leaders. Make a list of your top competitors and the leading websites in your industry or niche. These should be websites that you trust and follow yourself or that are creating content for a similar or adjacent audience to yours. Use a backlink checker to research each sites backlink profile there are several free options to get started with: ahrefs, monitorbacklinks, neilpatel These free tools list sites that have backlinked to your competitors.
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Its a platform that provides journalists and bloggers with sources for news and stories. To use HARO, sign up as a source from its homepage and then select a pricing plan you can use the free basic plan to get started. Once youve signed up, youll start receiving emails from HARO containing requests from different news and media websites for a quote, advice, tips, stories and more. Respond to the queries that are relevant to your business and if your answer gets picked up, youll end up receiving a backlink from the news website. Start Guest Blogging. Guest posting is an excellent way to get backlinks for your website and is a tried and tested strategy. You can reach out to different sites that accept guest blogs and submit a post. Many websites offer a contributor account or a write for us section where anyone can write an article and get featured on the site. They even let you link to your site, either in the author bio section or within the text of the content. You can find guest blogging websites by simply running a search on Google.
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Traditionally, quantity reigned when it came to backlinks, and this lead to some unscrupulous tactics. With people eager to boost their rankings, sites were created simply to serve as backlink connections, rather than delivering relevant content. To prevent falsely inflated rankings, search engines started to pay more attention to where your backlinks were going. Instead of focusing solely on the number of backlinks on your site, Google cares about their value. As a result, the quality of your backlinks became increasingly important, whilst the quantity of your backlinks became less influential. Does it matter how many backlinks you have? Quantity still matters when it comes to backlinks, but not necessarily in the way you might think. Hundreds of backlinks may have ranked you more highly on a SERP search engine results page in the past. Now, however, it could do just the opposite. Having hundreds of backlinks wont necessarily improve your SERP position. Furthermore, hundreds of low-quality will actually put you lower down on SERPs and damage your SEO strategy.
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Finally, a strong backlink strategy also helps you build relationships with other businesses in your industry. Now that weve reviewed the importance of building backlinks to your business marketing strategy, well cover the different ways you can get more of them by refining your backlink strategy. Become an Industry Source for Bloggers and Reporters. If you want to build backlinks, one of the best ways of doing this is to become an industry source for bloggers and reporters. If you do it correctly, then writers covering industry topics will end up backlinking to your website whenever they quote something youve said or written.

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